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The Portal of Change

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I recently read something that struck me to the core, like more than anything has done in quite a while. It was a quoted work of Octavia Butler, the mother of Afrofuturism, which through the combining of science fiction, fantasy and history imagines a liberated future through a Black lens. In other words she was a total bad ass who tapped into the vision that change is possible, in fact it is the necessary order of all things. In her own words she brought this to life when she wrote:

all that you touch

you change

all that you change

changes you

the only lasting truth

is change

god is change

Change is the impenetrable truth of the Universe. We see it in the evolution of species, the transformation brought about by the revolving seasons, even our own maturation and transition. Change is the unfolding of possibilities, and yet it is the thing we often resist most. Maybe we have to look no further than the natural world to learn the lessons of allowing and releasing. Allowing that guides us, releasing that empowers and invigorates us. Change becomes the great portal to all that we are, liberating us from the way things have always been. It is in this liberation that we are able to breathe those first breaths of life, life that is so ripe with possibility that change becomes a welcomed friend.

Rev. Ryan

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