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How to
the Collaborative

1. Watch

WatchTruth Be Told 2.0

Truth Be Told 2.0 is the weekly series of Soul Evolution Collaborative, bringing you inspiring and uplifting messages, new ways to look at the world, and ancient wisdom in the most practical way possible. This is relevant and authentic spiritual awareness to help you change your life.


Watch us record every Monday live on Facebook at 11am ET for the full behind the scenes experience.  Then catch the fully produced episode right here every Tuesday at 7pm ET.

If you feel that tug of life, pulling on you to do things a little differently, you are on the journey of personal transformation.


This life asks each of us to take responsibility for how we respond to the world, and that starts with what we call this personal journey inward: taking a look within to observe our thoughts, beliefs, values, behaviors, patterns, and the power that is inherent in each of us to create our life. It is through this journey, where we make changes within our self, that we are able to do our part in becoming the collective evolving whole.

More Coming Soon


2. Learn

Your Personal Transformation Journey

3. Explore

Explore the Many Ways to Come Together

Our individual work is amazing and necessary, but it can't be the only thing.  It is equally important for all of us to have a place to belong and connect.  Check out the many ways in which we can come together.

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