How to Join the Collaborative

1. Watch

Watch Live on Tuesdays - Truth Be Told

The Soul Evolution Collaborative goes live every Tuesday at 7pm (Eastern). Watch live, or whenever you want, for inspiring and uplifting messages, new ways to look at the world, and ancient wisdom in the most practical way possible.

Launching Sunday, June 5th. 

The SECond Sunday Experience is the next phase of the Soul Evolution Collaborative; a hybrid experience that brings together the whole community.  Meeting simultaneously online and in-person allows everyone, no matter where you are, to have a community to call home. This is where we come together to celebration of all things spiritual, to actually “experience” these principles in our lives, and to be part of something bigger.

2. Meet

Meet Your Peeps - The SECond Sunday Experience

3. Join

Join in on Thursdays - The Gathering

If you are looking for something a little more personal than watching live join The Gathering on Thursdays at 7pm (Eastern) with others of like-mind and intentions.  Ask questions, share stories of growth and struggle, and come together for intentional communal growth.