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Socially Engaged Conversations

Deep, Meaningful Conversations for Change

August: Transitions

Next Convo in Aug. 2nd | No Convo in July
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Deep, meaningful conversations might be the thing that the world needs most right now: places to belong and be seen; places to build healthy relationships; places to learn from each other.  That place is here.

Socially Engaged Conversations intentionally bridges the "us v. them" divide by making it OK to have those conversations that we've been told we can't. It's an opportunity to show up just as we are, with a mindset of "listening to understand" and a desire to apply what we learn to our lives.


When we look at the world it is easy to see conflict and division. What if that didn’t have to be? What if we are being called to pack away the “us vs. them” mentality and instead embrace the transformative power of the “we”?  Together, we can build a world that works

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