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Freedom To Be

I recently listened to a meditation that offered a process to move from constriction to embodied freedom. Now constriction I know all too well. The feeling of being squeezed by the expectations of others, the “shoulds”, the “supposed to bes”, all the things that seem to operate in direct opposition of my most authentic self. Even in writing this I can feel the weight of “all the things”. I am sure I am not alone in this. Such has become the “norm” in our daily existence. But what if that didn’t have to be the case? What if we gave ourselves not only the permission to be ourselves, but the freedom to as well? Wow, I can feel the energy shift in just saying those words. So whereas the feeling of constriction or “playing small” is familiar, what if we begin to exercise that same familiarity with the concept of embodied freedom? Now this is not a freedom from anything, but instead a freedom “to” do, be, express, feel or experience something. Notice the subtle difference. Freedom “to”creates space for us to explore, learn, make mistakes, learn, apply…wash, rinse, repeat. The more we begin to practice this, (remember it's a practice, not a perfect) the more we will begin to feel the effects of embodying freedom. We may just be able to create a little more space for our authentic lives to live, move, and maybe do a little dance. Then we will be poised and ready to create the same experiences for others. This is not just an individual adventure, we can’t fully embrace our own freedom unless we are willing to see that same freedom in others. When we can move in that direction, the power of embodied freedom will truly rock our world!

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