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Your Journey of
Personal Transformation 

If you feel that tug of life, pulling on you to do life differently and aren't sure where to start, the answer is right here... with step one. 

This life asks each of us to take responsibility for how we respond to the world, and that starts with what we call this personal journey inward: taking a look within to observe our thoughts, beliefs, values, behaviors, patterns, and the power that is inherent in each of us to create our life. It is through this journey, where we make changes within our self, that we are able to do our part in becoming the collective evolving whole. 

Wherever you are is the perfect place to start... one small step at a time. The goal here is to make the journey of personal transformation as simple and as easily accessible as possible. Watch a little now, watch a little later, soak in some wisdom at your own pace. 

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Becoming Your Best Self

Becoming Your Best Self:
an Introduction to Personal Transformation

Becoming Your Best Self: an Introduction to Personal Transformation, Part III | Self-Awareness

Becoming Your Best Self: an Introduction to Personal Transformation, Part III | Self-Awareness

This is part 3 of our personal transformation series. In this video, we'll explore the crucial role that self-awareness and self-discovery play in the process of personal transformation. First, we'll define self-awareness and discuss why it's essential for personal growth and development. By understanding our own patterns, motivations, and tendencies, we can identify limiting beliefs or behaviors that may be holding us back from living our best lives. We'll also learn how self-awareness helps us communicate more effectively with others and build stronger connections. Next, we'll dive into a quick exercise that you can use to build your sense of self-awareness anytime, anywhere. This exercise involves scanning your body for sensations and paying attention to any tension or stress you might be holding in your muscles. Through deep breathing and relaxation, you'll learn how to release that tension and become more present and grounded in the moment. Finally, we'll discuss the importance of self-discovery for personal transformation. By exploring our own thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and make conscious choices about how we want to show up in the world. This process can lead to greater self-confidence, resilience, empathy, and healthier relationships. If you're looking to make positive changes in your life, then self-awareness and self-discovery are essential first steps.

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