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CROSSROADS Webinar Series

The Short Version

Crossroads is an online webinar series that explores the intersection of spirituality and.... well... everything!

The Longer Version

This free webinar series explores the intersection of spirituality and our actual lived experiences. Often we may think there exists a dividing line which separates our spiritual lives...and well...the rest of our lives. Nothing could be further from the truth.  We recognize in order for anything to be sacred, everything has to be sacred. And, we realize we don't always see our lives from this perspective. Throughout this series we will explore what happens when we become aware that EVERYTHING is connected.  Each webinar will focus on one specific crossroad.

Navigating the CROSSROADS

Dates & Registration

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Mental Health & Spirituality
Wed., July 12, 7pm ET

These events usually happen quarterly

Spirituality & Grief

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More to Come

CROSSROADS launched in April of 2023 and is scheduled to occur quarterly.  As future CROSSROADS events occur you will be able to find replays on demand right here.

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