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Transformative Vulnerability

It is no secret when we look around there are alot of things that are not working for alot of people. Sometimes the sheer magnitude of it all can be overwhelming, paralyzing us into silence, inaction, or just turning our gaze. So where does this conversation around vulnerability and authenticity fit in all the madness? I would assert it is vulnerability that lays the framework for us to reshape the societal narrative and create space for authenticity, evolution and transformation. This shows up on a variety of levels.

First we must look within ourselves and ask the vulnerable questions such as “what is mine to do” or “are there systems of thought, beliefs, and biases that impact my ability to be a safe and brave space for others to be vulnerable?” Secondly, we must extend those very same questions to the groups and communities we are a part of. How can we stand up for, with, and alongside others for the purpose of building systems and frameworks that support everyone living their most authentic lives? It not only takes vulnerability to ask these questions, but also to answer them. Sometimes the answer is standing alone in support of our own values. This takes courage. This takes the willingness to be vulnerable in search of our most authentic selves, both individually and collectively. The power of transformation is made possible through this seed of vulnerability. It creates space for change, for rethinking how we have always done things, for stepping into new ways of being, believing and doing. The possibility of transformation becomes more than just words or ideologies, but a reality through our own willingness to be vulnerable.

To be alive is to be vulnerable. To be in relationship is to be vulnerable. To be in

community is to be vulnerable. Authenticity can only

occur when we are willing to bring our own wholeness to life. It becomes

incumbent on ourselves and our larger communities to do this in ways that

support the vision of a world that works for everyone. Vulnerability is the bridge

to that vision. It is the foundation on which we can stand in full confidence

knowing that our own vulnerability serves as an integral part of actualizing that

which we seek.

Rev. Ryan

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Vincent Reno
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