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There are lots of things in the world that are not working for a whole lot of people. So we are changing the norm. 


We are Soul Evolution Collaborative, a non-profit based in universal spiritual principles, offering possibilities for navigating the evolution of life in an authentic and intentional way.


The Soul Evolution Collaborative is an innovative “bricks and clicks” spiritual community dedicated to the intentional evolution and authenticity of the human soul. 


We practice authentic and vulnerable spiritual awareness through individual and intentional self development.  Personal transformation allows for 

So What's Next?

communal evolution and healthy responsibility for our collective consciousness that truly changes the world.

We are a unique hybrid that brings together both the online and in-person experience.

The Soul Evolution Collaborative is an innovative “bricks and clicks” spiritual collaborative dedicated to the intentional evolution and authenticity of the human soul. This is a safe place to belong and be seen.

The Soul Evolution Collaborative fosters both personal transformation and communal evolution.  This dynamic collaborative of individuals comes together through a unique empowering model of spiritual collaboration and innovation. We seek to move beyond the boundaries of the past and spark the evolution of the soul through personal and interconnected spiritual practice.  These practices are not stagnant or stationary, but instead are fluid and evolving, creating an atmosphere for lasting spiritual growth and awareness.  This movement serves to uplift the consciousness of the individual, community, and the world beyond.


Each week the Soul Evolution Collaborative comes together to recognize the soul’s desire to be seen and evolve; to appreciate the value of being together in spiritual practice; to recognize the oneness and perfection in everyone and everything; to serve the spiritual needs of ourselves, of each other, and of the world by living a life based on the truths taught in many ancient wisdom teachings throughout the ages in the form of Science of Mind principles and beliefs.  These beliefs teach oneness, love, compassion, and a divine path inward to find a power greater than ourselves.


Through clicks, individuals bring practical spirituality into their everyday life.


Through bricks, individuals thrive through essential connection and community.


Through a combination of both, individuals become an intentional spiritual community that transforms the world.


As a new model for spiritual collaborative community, everything starts with a click.  Find the Soul Evolution Collaborative online and you have found a clear and obvious path to begin your own journey inward where you will discover a version of yourself you never knew.  Online, the Soul Evolution Collaborative is an endless resource for videos, blogs, workshops, and go-at-your-own-pace instruction that will guide you to a new level of spiritual understanding and practical daily application.


But honestly, this is all just the beginning.  The bricks side of the Soul Evolution Collaborative is where you will find like minded individuals who are just as dedicated to their spiritual journey as you are and who are also looking to share in this experience.  Maslow says we will always feel incomplete without having a place to belong and to fully express ourselves.  The Soul Evolution Collaborative is dedicated to fostering pop-up locations across the country wherever the community shows up.  Whether it is a monthly online “meet and greet” or a weekly in-person gathering, these pop-ups are the crossroads between our personal relationships and our intentional relationship with something that is greater than we are.  It is in this way that together, we evolve.


What makes The Soul Evolution Collaborative truly unique is the experience of combining bricks and clicks to form an intentional spiritual community of individuals equally as dedicated to their own spiritual growth as they are to evolving the collective consciousness of the world.

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