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Bursting Our Own Bubble

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I don’t know about you, but it has been my experience once we create amazing groups and spaces to belong, that we have a tendency to become trapped in our own bubble. (Not making this right or wrong, just the reality of human nature.) In these spaces we find an escape or oasis from the outside world. The challenge is we often want to say “ah, I have found my people….look at those people out there…they are a hot mess, but me and my folx have it all together.” Now don’t pretend you aren’t shaking your heads in the affirmative and that you haven’t either said or thought this. I know I have. So what if we begin to create and operate from a new framework? What if we were able to set the intention and begin to foster in the world what we have beautifully built in our groups of belonging? Instead of hoarding our good, what if we could extend our bubble, or better yet, burst our bubble and allow that juicy goodness and belonging to spill out. It is only in doing so that we can experience the fullest expression of safety and belonging. As long as we keep it within the confines that we have placed on it, we are missing out on the opportunity to see the depth and breadth of its impact. So we are being called to burst our bubbles and create opportunities in which the beauty of belonging can be manifested in every crack and crevice on this planet. I am up for it…how about you?

Rev. Ryan

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