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Roll down the Windows and Rest

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

It never ceases to amaze me just how much I have to learn. Now this isn’t a bad thing, but rather I am presented with daily opportunities to soak up knowledge from life and the experiences of others. In a recent conversation with my beloved I was schooled in the ins and outs of the “resting in the car for a few minutes before you enter the house” practice. I am sure it must have some elaborate and formal name….but for my purposes here will just go with that title. What is this you may ask? Apparently it is all the rage….It is those few precious peaceful moments in your car, after a day of running errands or working….or traveling, where you take a breath…regroup…..collect yourself, before you go inside. Apparently, I have been missing out on this experience. It got me to thinking how often I get so caught up in my to do list, my responsibilities, and my roles in life that I forget to take moments of rest. Those beautiful moments of coming back to myself, remembering who I am, and integrating my experiences in ways that serve to bolster and strengthen me. Our minds and bodies need rest, it is an integral part of maintaining balance and health. So the invitation this week is to take a moment to rest in whatever ways that serve you….and if you see me sitting in my car….you will know I am doing the same.

Rev. Ryan

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