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Reaching the Summit

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

So I have a moderate fear of heights….ok…I’ll rephrase…I am terrified of heights. This became outrageously apparent as I was zip lining over a 300 ft gorge in Mexico. I got halfway across when both my momentum and bravery gave out. There I was dangling 300 ft in the air and the other side was what seemed like a mile away. It was so far away that all the other folx that had successfully completed their adventure were moving dots. Tunnel vision and panic set in…not a good combination for dangling. And then, like a caped hero, my guide swooped in and delivered me safely on the other side. Fast forward to today…I am still afraid of heights…what can I say…I am a work in progress. As I remembered this story this week I couldn’t help but think about how it relates to this conversation of reaching the summit of new ideas, new ways of being, and new ways of showing up in the world. Often when we set the intention of stepping out of our comfort zones it can be unsettling, uncomfortable, and down right terrifying. We may not know what lies ahead, and that can be for planners like me, much like dangling from 300ft. But then in swoops spiritual practices, universal truths, and beloved community….like a masked hero…gently taking us by the hand and guiding us forward to steady ground. This is the beauty of the conversation. When we lean into the support of these things we are buoyed, maintained, and sustained. Our dangling is replaced by two feet on solid ground. It is from this space that we can truly enjoy the view.

Rev Ryan

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