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Loving Our Bodies

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Making friends with and loving our bodies is a wild and radical journey. We are inundated every day with the supposed “ideal” body. What is should look like, feel like, be able to do…the list is endless. So what if we took this radical path and decided to love the body we have in this very moment? What if we chose to look at our bodies, and all the body things that it does, with the eyes of wonder, curiosity, and yes, love? For me, the more I try to strive for some ideal, the more distant I place between the truth and myself. The truth is that my body, here and now, is perfect. It allows me to navigate life, and it serves as the only way that the divine can express itself in form. What could be more awesome than that? The Universe decided that a “me” was a perfect home for it to live and move. And you know what? It decided the same thing for you. Your physical body right here, right now is the very home of the thing that holds the Universe together. The very thing that spins the planets in their orbits, the very thing that gives life to all things. Wow, what’s not to love about that? The more we can see our bodies through these eyes, the more we can begin to fall in love with them…whether all over again…or for the first time ever! Loving our body then becomes the greatest of adventures.

Rev. Ryan

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