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Letting Go

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Letting go….I know…I squirmed a little bit even typing those words. Letting go can be tough stuff for some, freeing for others, and downright terrifying for those of us who think a “death grip” is the way to go. For some weird and unexplainable reason I am sometimes under the illusion that letting go is equated with losing stuff. The more I have been marinating on this idea of “letting go”, the more I am realizing that in letting go, whether it is things that no longer serve us, old ideas/beliefs, even old ways of thinking about ourselves and showing up in the world, we actually gain something in the releasing. In the shedding or letting go, just like trees in the fall, we prepare ourselves for growth and expansion. Beauty emerges from the barren, joy rises from loss, and space it created for new things to take root.

Rev. Ryan

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