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Leaning Towards the Light: The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I have been contemplating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. My inner reflections led me to a very real outward example in my own home. Funny how we can find truth in the most peculiar of places. We have a giant Monstera plant in our living room, actually Monstera deliciosa for all my plant nerds (you know who you are). So this particular plant, or at least the one we are cohabitating with currently, is ginormous. It is almost as tall as me, which is not saying alot. When we first placed this plant in the room all of its leaves were facing in one direction, plastered again the wall opposite of the window. What I noticed this morning is that all the leaves were now swayed in the opposite direction, leaning towards the light that creeps into the window throughout the day. Now I know this is not a new discovery. We know that plants move towards the direction of the nourishing and life giving light, but it bonked me over head this morning that is exactly what Dr. King was speaking of, both in word and in action. His life, his legacy, is a revelation of our true nature, our inner urge, that invisible passion which calls us to lean towards the light. The light of truth, the light of revelation, the light of transformation, the light of equality, the light of justice. Just like we have to rotate houseplants as they move in search of the light, our life becomes this gentle rotation as well. We are called to bring our scraggly little leaves out of the darkness, our leaves of fear, doubt, worry, misguided beliefs, stories we have created, systems and frameworks that support some and disenfranchise many, and point them in the direction of the light. It is in the light that we can see them for what they truly are, things crafted in darkness longing for the light. Each day we awake with intention, each second we find ourselves in meditation, each beautiful interaction with our neighbor, each word we speak in the support of equality, each moment we are able to see ourselves in the eyes of another, each time we pause in quiet reflection, each step we take, is an act of rotation. An act of revelation. An act of leaning towards the light. Thank you Dr. King for that reminder.

Rev. Ryan

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