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Ernest Holmes

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Ernest Holmes. The man, the myth, the legend….well at least he is in New Thought circles. I have surrounded myself this week in all things Ernest. His life exuded the very essence of knowingness….the activity of creativity….and the amazing journey of our soul’s evolution. I have been rereading “This Thing Called You” by Ernest Holmes, which is my go to book when I really want to remind myself of the truth of my essence and creative power. Now every time I read it something different pops off the page and enters my brain in a new way. This time was no exception. So my brain got zapped this week from the following words of Ernest, “Your desire for self expression is inherent in the Divine Pattern itself, and it is because you intuitively feel this Pattern that you grope back toward it. Learn to trust the intuition within you, which causes you to sense the Pattern”. Have you ever felt like if you couldn’t be who you were then you would just explode? This has been my experience over the past several months…..I have been navigating the rugged terrain of aggressive authenticity. Now if this sounds intense, then I have adequately described my experience. Isn’t that the nature of authenticity? To intentionally crack away at the self we have created for others, or the self we have created to fit in, or the self we have created to hide the deepest parts of us. Sometimes this chipping away is gentle, and sometimes it feels like we have been blindsided by a wreaking ball. But in the end, after all the dust has settled, what is left is a masterpiece. Not a masterpiece in the sense that it is void of impurities, scratches, and a few dents. It becomes a masterpiece in that it reflects the very core of our being, that sacred spot that is home to the divine blueprint. It is through the scraps, dents and cracks that the divine seeps in, melding with our experiences and creates something truly extraordinary……us.

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