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Emotions...It's Complicated

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Raise your hand if you are “happy” all the time?…..anyone…anyone? Whew, me either…but for some reason there is this unwritten rule, often in spiritual communities, that we are suppose to be. Nothing is so far removed from the truth of our experience of life. What if instead of this intense focus on “happiness”, there was a shift in the way we viewed emotions and what they bring to the table? There is no doubt that we enjoy having some emotions more than others, but what would it look like to meet both the desirable and undesirable ones at the door and welcome them in….take their coat….and let them make themselves comfortable in your favorite chair? We could then pick their brains…ask a ton of questions….and learn more about ourselves, each other, and how to navigate this adventurous and often turbulent existence on this spinning blue ball. Emotions, in all their varied sizes and shapes, are not an enemy to be avoided but instead a friend. A relationship to be explored, nurtured, and celebrated. Emotions….they are complicated….but the more we get comfortable with exploring them….talking about them…and yes freely feeling them….the more adventurous and authentic our life will be. I am all in for that experience, how about you?

Rev. Ryan

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