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Curiosity vs. Assumption

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Curiosity vs. Assumption. I have the good fortune in my life to rub elbows with some pretty powerful spiritual folx. These people are like next level awesome. Some are prayer powerhouses, some can rock a meditation like nobody’s business, and some are such great orators of spiritual wisdom that it will make your head spin. As I bask in their presence it often leads me to ask the question, “what is my spiritual superpower…what is my edge of excellence….what is the thing that is moving me forward in this journey?” Recently the answer has come to me in a loud thundering voice…ok that may be a slight exaggeration…but nonetheless what I have heard rising up within me is…wait for it…..the power of curiosity. I would assert, although some may disagree, that curiosity is one of the most important spiritual practices we can engage in on a daily basis. Curiosity creates space for life to get in, and space for us to show up in new and powerful ways. I have made it a daily practice, and sometimes its like a hundred times a day, when things arise in my experience that trigger a reaction or a thought, to ask myself the question…hmmmm I wonder what that’s about? And nine times out of ten the answer reveals some deeply buried space of belief or assumption from which I was operating. When we become curious about all those things that live beneath the surface, we create little cracks where the light of truth can ooze in. Then from this divine oozing we create new ways of living, moving, and showing up in the world. So you see….curiosity really is a super power…and when used for good it will literally rock your world.

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