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Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I have been contemplating the topic of wonder lately. What it is? Why it’s important? How it shows up in life? It is super easy, at least for me, to get addicted to those intoxicating moments of wonder….the sunset, the view from a mountain peak, the exhilaration of an accomplished goal. Recently I have been postulating, within my own mind, what it would be like to approach all the experiences of my life from that same space of wonder. What if taking out the trash could be met with the same wonder as staring up at the beautiful night sky? What if serving and being mindful of those around me could be met with the same exhilaration and awe as standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon? How would this change how I show up to life….my interactions with my own mind, others….and ultimately the Divine? I know, alot of questions…..but isn’t that indicative of an examined life?…oops…another question…but apparently that’s how I roll. All of these questions have been stirring within me the desire to experiment with this premise….to infuse the breath of wonder into every experience of my life….the awesome….the challenging…..the beautiful….and the “want to put a paper bag with eye holes over my head” moments….To look at each of these experiences from the lens of wonder and how their presence is guiding me towards new ways of being….thinking….and moving about the world. With this framework it all becomes “wonder”…..and if you ask me….that wouldn’t be a bad way to live. So I am going to give it a try….who’s with me?

Rev Ryan

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