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What if the Question is the Answer?

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

So what if the question is the answer? I am a super big fan of curiosity, which is ironic in that I love being a passenger on the “knowing what is going to happen next” train. I have recently found myself smack in the middle of “not knowing”, which has tested my allegiance to my belief that curiosity is our greatest superpower and basically the key to living an epic life. So I had this thought recently, what if the answer is found in merely asking the question? It couldn’t be that simple could it? But you know what?….I think it is. We often, or at least I often, make things a whole lot harder and more complex that they have to be. The energy behind “the question”, when from as space of curiosity and openness, cracks open the door to limitless possibilities. When we can bring to the proverbial table “the beginner’s mind”, that is often referenced in spiritual communities, we loosen the grip that attachment to outcomes brings and release our mind to take in a larger view. In this wide lens view we can see the wholeness that is present not only in every answer, but in every question. When we learn to be ok with the questions, we can plop down on the couch of curiosity and find adventure in living in the mystery….and the joy of living in the question….

Rev. Ryan

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