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Truth Seekers, Truth Speakers

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

The Earth we live in today is profoundly different from the earth our grandparents lived in. Not just from the perspectives of iPhones and tablets, but different both biologically and functionally. Just like when we are sick we behave differently, so it is with the earth. Just like when we are sick and need to pay attention to our bodies and what steps need to be taken to support the healing process, so it is with the earth. It can be easy to fall into denial and close our proverbial eyes to what is around us….or even say “hey it doesn’t affect me or my life”. But this is in direct opposition of what we know to be true on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level. We are connected, not only to each other, but to the earth and to the Universe.

The blueprint of our life is found in the blueprint of Earth. When we are out of balance physical, emotionally or spiritually we can feel the effects. It would stand to reason the same is true for this swirling blue ball in which we live. It takes courage to begin step out of old ways of seeing, being and doing. Whether it is within the context of our relationship to the earth and our environment or how we view and interact with those around us. I am sure you have heard the adage “the way a person does one thing is the way a person does everything”. Our awareness of our impact in one area opens the door for greater awareness of our power and impact in other areas. If I become more aware of my own carbon footprint and impact on the earth, I begin to move and act in a different way. This truth of this then begins to seep into everything I do, heightening my awareness in other aspects of my life. Pretty soon I am living from a new state of awareness, seeing myself, others, and the world around me with new eyes. I believe this is the call for each of us. To stand in courage as truth seekers and truth speakers, creating in this world that which we long to see.

- Rev Ryan

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