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The Way Back Home

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

So, a crazy and terrifying thing happened to me last night…. before I share the details, all things are well. I was taking my little furry friend on a walk last night when I inadvertently dropped the leash. The banging of the leash on the sidewalk sent the wee one into what can only be described as unadulterated panic…like on and epic scale. He immediately decided running was the best course of action and took off. I snapped into Olympic sprinter mode but was no match for his tiny quick feet. He was gone in a flash, and I was heaving on the sidewalk. Thankfully he fled to the safety of home, and I found him waiting for me on the back patio. He had this look on his face that said, “well it’s about time”. This got me to thinking about that instinct to return home in time of challenge, difficulty, or transition. Now home may be a caregiver’s embrace, a friend’s couch, the support of a beloved community, or that still place within us where we can get our balance and regain our footing. That instinct to return to safety, security, and stability. We have all been there, metaphorically running down the sidewalk in the middle of the night with our leash dangling behind us trying to find our way back. This is the beauty of both the spiritual path and community. In both of these we find our way back, although maybe a little muddy, but home at last. So, this week I celebrate “home” and what that looks like for me…and what that looks like for all of us. It is the space that allows us to feel held so that we can step out in new and exciting ways. It gives us the ability to evolve and grow…and rejoices in each step.

Rev. Ryan

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