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The Space Between - Creativity

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I know a lot of us have art scars, those times in our youth where we may have received less than desirable responses to our stick family drawings. So when the topic of creativity gets bounced around, it is hard for my mind not to be focused on my lack of artistic skill. So, I am proposing a different way of viewing this often intimidating word. Creativity, yes, can mean Picasso like skills, but for me it encompasses so much more. It is the courageous decision to say “yes” to life. We are always creating, it is our not so hidden super power. Each day as we breathe in and out, go about our daily responsibilities and interactions, in both the mundane and exciting, we are amazing vessels of creativity. If you have been around spiritual communities for more than a minute you have heard the adage that we either “create by design or by default”. This is both the good news…and maybe sometimes…the not so good news. Too often we slide by on default mode, kind of like driving somewhere and wondering how you got there. Now default mode is not always a bad thing. We do many things from this patterned space like brushing our teeth or stopping at red lights. These are all super important things. Creating by design has a different feel to it. In this is intention, mindfulness, and a proactive state of being. We have the ability in every second of our life to consciously and intentionally use this power of creativity. As I let that sink into the very pores of my being I can’t help but be emboldened, empowered, and down right excited to see what this creativity brings next. This reminds me of my “lite brite” days. Now I may be dating myself….but you know that amazing little contraption where you stick a piece of paper behind a lighted grid and stick colorful plastic pegs wherever you want. I always thought it was super fun to choose the colors and arrangements. The best part of all of this is that when you were done with one creation, you could just remove the paper and create another one. This is creativity….making conscious choices where to “put our colorful pegs”. What will you choose to create with yours?

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