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SECond Glances - Worthiness

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

So, this week I have been neck deep in our topic of worthiness. It’s funny how no matter what the topic is….it always has a way of peeking its head around the corner and then sticking out its leg to trip me. Ahh but this week, I saw that sneaky little leg just in time. Often feelings of unworthiness can cripple us so much that we are stumbling around desperately trying to hold on to anything that can give us stability and balance. So, it got me to thinking, what are the things that I reach for when I hear that annoying roommate “unworthiness” making too much noise? There are so many answers to that question, some more helpful than others…but the one thing that can snap me back into balance so fast that it gives me spiritual whiplash is the understanding that the same thing that beats the heart of my snoring dog or gives life to the flowers that I see out my bedroom window, is the same stuff that lives in me. That realization, that awareness, that understanding imprints the words WORTHY on my heart like nothing can. So, I have to remind myself everyday….and sometimes every hour….and yes, some days minute by minute….that I am that…I AM WORTHY.

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