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SECond Glances - Self-Doubt

Updated: Apr 28

So the topic for this week….self- doubt. This can be an all too familiar friend along our journey of life. When I reflect on my relationship with self -doubt, I can’t help but think about the times when I have let this little creature in….leading me to play small…or not play at all. So, the invitation this week is to take a closer look at those areas where we are playing small. What is holding us back? How can we ditch this mindset and step powerfully into playing BIG? Well I don’t want to give away all the fun we have in store for you this week….but I’ll give you a little hint….self -doubt really hates when we remind ourselves that we are individualized expressions of the Divine. When we truly believe and embody this then self- doubt doesn’t stand a chance…and playing BIG is the only option. So join us this week as we give self- doubt a strong kick in the pants.

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