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SECond Glances - Projection

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

So, this week we are looking at projection. Even though we may not want to admit it, we have all done it. Now on the surface, projection can be a very effective defense mechanism, but the downside is that it masks those things within ourselves that really need to be brought into the light. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I would rather keep those things hidden. We project these fears, doubts, anxieties, you name it, on the people, circumstances, and events of our lives. But it is only in the light that they can be seen, healed, and released. So how do we circumvent this defense? How do we break the habit of projecting outward, instead of taking that close peep inward? For me it has been getting very curious about my day-to-day critiques or discontentment. Very rarely is it actually about the object of my outward attention, but instead it is a revelation into those deep cracks within my own being. So, the invitation is to turn our attention inward, or at least be willing to entertain the idea. Sometimes that is all we can muster in a day, willingness. So, give it a try this week. What are you projecting?

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