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SECond Glances - Procrastination

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Procrastination…..maybe I’ll talk about that later. Ha. See how easy putting stuff off can be. In thinking about this topic, I had to really dig deep. I am not one who is prone to procrastinating as a general rule. I am more like a get it done two weeks before type of peep. But there have been periods, a few lately as a matter of fact, where I have gone against my natural MO and waited to the last possible millisecond. So, over the past week I have employed my most powerful of spiritual practices, curiosity, asking myself what about these instances has been different? What has influenced my thought and behavior? And the truth, although I tried to bury it with everything, I could get my hands on, is these are the areas that I feel the most vulnerable or exposed. So, procrastination does not have its birth in laziness, but instead if we hold those areas up against an electron microscope, we find these may be the areas where we have a little dash of insecurity or uncertainty. When I realized this was true for me it literally blew my mind. WOW. Amazing the answers that come when we practice powerful curiosity. So now that I know it….what am I going to do about it? Well…..I don’t want to give away all that we are going to talk about this week….I know that is super sneaky and mysterious….So tune in this week as we tackle procrastination…and if we don’t get around to it…maybe we will next week. Ha. Just kidding.

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