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Resistance is Futile

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Resistance is Futile… I have not been assimilated by the Borg….at least I don’t think I have…but I must admit this idea of resistance has recently been surfacing in my own life. I am not what one would call a go with the flow person, no matter any evidence to the contrary. I am a “gripping the side of the boat” type of person, as if that may somehow positively influence any type of outcome. I have noticed this particular phenomenon especially in times where I am stepping out without knowing exactly what may meet my foot on the other side. Whether it be a transition, a change, a call to something new, I think some level of resistance is natural. This self protective force often whispers..”hey wait a minute…this might not be safe…this might not go how you think it is going to go”…or my favorite…”who are you to think that you can do or be that?” The adventure is to recognize resistance for what it is, and then be willing to step out in ways that speak to the truth of who we are and spark passion within us. This type of passion has us bursting with expectancy and waking up with excitement at the limitless field of possibility. So maybe the trick is not to resist resistance, but instead make friends with it. Maybe those areas where we experience the most resistance are really the areas that are calling out to us and inviting us to step out in creative and adventurous ways. I have a sneaky suspicion if we chose to move despite resistance, we may truly be amazed at what is waiting for us on the other side.

Rev. Ryan

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