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A Little Shift

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Well…well….well….one doesn’t need to look too hard to see that there are a few things around this old planet that are in need of some radical shifting. Now is it super easy to turn on the news, eavesdrop at your local coffee shop, or show up to a family gathering and make the decision that “ those folx need to shift”. I would be lying if I didn’t admit I throw that judgement around at least 7 times a day. It just struck me this week….”hey what if I am one of those folx?” I let you in on a little secret….I am….you are….we are. Yep you heard me right, we are all due for some shifting. We are powerful co-creative beings that have designed so many glorious things in this experience we call “life here on earth”. Now is the time to use those powers for good once again and set a new course for global domination….I mean a global shift. (haha) This first starts in the inner recourses of our own hearts and minds…our own inner landscape of old ideas, beliefs and judgements. An amazing thing begins to happen when we set our intention on our own shifting. This energy radiates onto every situation, circumstance and individual we encounter. We literally show up differently….and by doing this we invite others along for the ride…and then more folx join in…and then more folx…and then more…you get the picture. We can’t hide our light…we have a responsibility to cast such a bright light that others can’t help but see it. In doing so we invite others to turn their 40watt bulbs into 100watt bulbs….creating such a bright light that the whole planet is illuminated. This is the adventure…this is a world that truly works for everyone.…I’m in…who else is going to join me?

Rev. Ryan

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