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It's time for a life that works!

Not just for you...

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Watch the abbreviated version of "Oh Shift, My Experience isn't the Only One | Self Guided Experience," and begin to see the world through the lens of a different version of life. Peek into the experience of others and watch as the world begins to shift.

This self-guided virtual event is a perfect next step in your journey on making a life that works for you and those around you. The "Oh Shift, My Experience Isn't the Only One?" | Self Guided Experience is truly transformative and eye opening, giving participants a glimpse into views of the world other than their own. This is your opportunity to be part of the ongoing transformation that starts by expanding our understanding of the world around us.

Over 12 hours of interviews, workshops, and webinars

Want All of It?

Take part in the full

Self Guided Experience

Use code SUMMIT50 for 50% off

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