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Oh Shift, My Experience Isn't the Only One? | The Self Guided Experience

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Doesn’t it seem like the whole world has gone a little crazy? The challenges around us can make it really tempting to retreat into our own little bubble. But if you want a life that works for you then we have to make a world that works for everyone. If it’s not working for all of us then it’s not working for any of us. This self-guided event is a perfect next step in your journey on making a life that works for you and those around you. This starts by expanding our understanding of the world around us. In November of 2023, we hosted the 3rd Annual "Oh Shift" Virtual Summit - "Oh Shift, My Experience Isn't the Only One?" It was truly transformative and eye opening, giving participants a glimpse into views of the world other than their own. This is your opportunity to be part of the ongoing transformation taking place as we broaden our perspectives and take a look at life through experiences other than our own. The sessions from this event, included in your purchase, are an exploration of life and spirituality through diverse perspectives, featuring captivating speaker interviews, dynamic events, thought-provoking panels, and engaging webinars. This Summit is more than just an event. It is a call to expand our perspective and engage in listening to the experiences of others. It is an opportunity for both personal transformation and communal evolution, creating spaces of authenticity in our world.

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