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Living an UNPACKAGED life is showing up as you are (with or without your sh!t)

Here's the Deal...

Nearly all of us have been conditioned to believe that life is supposed look a certain way.  You are expected to be a certain way and do specific things, and definitely do not(!!) let anyone know that you don’t have it all figured out. Show up nicely packaged all the time, don’t burden anyone else with your life, and maybe just avoid your sh!t all together. That is the message that we get over and over. We are inadvertently (hopefully) taught to hide our sh!t, that nobody else has any, and, there is definitely something wrong since we do have it. Then, we think we have to wait until we get our whole thing figured out before we can do the thing.  Simultaneously, we ignore our mess, because to exist in this world, we can’t show up with our sh!t! So, it gets suppressed or avoided in order to maintain our perfect packaging. The worst part is we become so conditioned to be uncomfortable with discomfort (our own and other’s) that we expect the same perfection from everyone else and we become part of the system that makes us think we are only fit for “human consumption” when we show up in our perfect little packaging.

The Solution

Honestly… it’s time to drop that mess. It is time to normalize being unpackaged and make it ok to look at what’s up in your life. Everybody has some mess going on somewhere. When we allow ourselves and everybody else to show up as we are, with or without our sh1t, then we can take back our ability to live unbound by expectations.  We get to reclaim our ability to be who we truly are and not who others think we should be (or who we think they think we should be). This is what it looks like to build the skills and fortitude to know we are ok in times of discomfort. Then, we actually get to be the person who makes it ok for someone else (maybe a bunch of someone else’s) to be who they are. We are the ones who make it ok to live the unpackaged life.

About this series

This is a series of webinars and workshops all about living the UNPACKAGED Life. Events are grouped into pairs, a webinar to introduce a topic followed by a workshop that dives deeper into the same topic.  You can sign-up for upcoming UNPACKAGED events here.


What to do When Life Sucks?


This workshop will provide some "real life" things we can do to shift our experience.

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upcoming Workshop

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coming Soon

August 2023

Something about stress and how to deal with it... like for real.

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While You Wait

Looking for something else to do?


Check out some other ways to get started while we wait for the next UNPACKAGE event.

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Sneak Peak

Gain access to the full 48 minute session.

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What About When Life Sucks?


What do I do when life, right now, isn't what I'd like it to be... and I'm soo tired.

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