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The SECond Sunday Experience

Every Sunday, 7-7:30pm ET

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Help us build something new!

Whether you are ready to jump right in, whether you have been here before, or if you're hesitant and need a place to hide to check it all out, this is the place! The SECond Sunday Experience is the perfect place to join this spiritual community, where we believe in life changing universal principles.

The SECond Sunday Experience is the next phase of the Sou Evolution Collaborative; building a hybrid experience that brings together the whole community.  Meeting simultaneously online and in-person allows everyone, no matter where you are, to have a community to call home. This is where we come together in celebration of all things spiritual, to actually “experience” these principles in our lives, and to be part of something bigger.

Don't let the name fool you! The SECond Sunday Experience happens every week, Sunday at 7pm ET.  This is our second event of the day. Perhaps it is yours too. (Feel free to check out Stripped Down Sunday LIVE every Sunday morning at 12:30pm on Facebook or Youtube. Then, swing by here at 7pm. It's like second breakfast!)

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