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Hitting the Trail

No one wants to know the future more than me. I mean I have back up plans for my back up plans. So this conversation of hitting the trail, breaking out of comfort zones, leaving old beliefs and patterns behind, and all the uncertainty and discomfort that come with it are low on my list of things that I think are “super fun”. I was reminded of this minor character anomaly this week as I was exploring my new neighborhood walking trails. I roll up to this park all juiced with the excitement of exploration until I realized that the “trail” was not at all obvious and the multiple choice directions that it took were enough to send one such as myself into mild panic….now I am catastrophizing a little…but not by much. This experience made me think about those times in my life where I have been called to step out onto a “trail” that was outside the realm of both my comfort and experience. Despite the discomfort around these experiences I was called to step out of playing small and into playing BIG. Although I found myself both literally and figuratively holding my breath during these times, a little drop of faith and expectancy was all that was needed to provide a little wiggle room to put one foot in front of the other. We don’t have to sprint out of the boxes we have created for ourselves…all we have to do is wiggle a little and take one step out. The task can seem insurmountable if we are expecting to pulverize the boxes of old beliefs and patterns we have grown accustomed to, but all is needed is a little breathing room and a willingness to stick our head out a see what exists outside. Once we do this, we can begin to step our and act with intention, and before we know it the box is no longer big enough to encompass all that is possible. So that is the adventure in this moment. We don’t have to know exactly where the trail we lead, often it is a choose your own adventure experience. Instead we just have to create a little space and step out…..we just might be surprised what amazing things life has to offer.

Rev. Ryan

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