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Happiness is Not What You Are Looking For

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Don't get us wrong, happiness is amazing... but widely misunderstood. If you've ever felt that despite ticking all the right boxes, happiness remains elusive; that something always feels missing; or that no matter what, happiness remains just out of reach. "Happiness is Not What You Are Looking For" is an insightful and transformative “work at your own pace” course designed for those who are tired of the endless pursuit of happiness through external achievements and societal expectations. This course offers a fresh and deeply impactful perspective on life that dismantles the check lists of “should’s” that we have all been handed. You will be guided through a journey of busting the myth of happiness, exploring your own beliefs and experiences with happiness, and led through the process of building a new perspective and framework for your life that ultimately leads to a sense of fulfillment. It's time to shift your perspective and uncover the deeper, more meaningful path to true fulfillment. How It Works: Pay once and have unlimited access to the full “Happiness is Not What You Are Looking For” course. You can sign in when ever you want and work through the course at your own pace. Do some now, do some later. Whatever works for you. This course is fully online and self-guided and is structured into 3 distinct modules, plus a short introduction and conclusion. Each module is comprised of video instruction and contemplative and thought provoking exercises to help move you through the process. Take the first step towards a more meaningful and contented life. Join “Happiness is Not What You Are Looking For" and redefine your path to true fulfillment.

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