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Yes...Spirituality Can Actually Be Fun

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I think I take myself too seriously. Now those that are closest to me may go a step further and say…way too damn seriously. It is something that I am working on….a lifetime of being wound a little too tight…it’s gonna take a little time to unravel. I am sure I am not the only one who neurotically organizes, makes lists, and balances their checkbook. Ok, I fibbed a little on the last one….who rights check anymore? I have been thinking lately about how this “uptightness”, for lack of a better word, can often seep into our spiritual understanding of life. We see our spirituality as something that requires silence, reverence, contemplation. I would say Yes to all of that…and….And our spirituality is a container to explore fun, silliness, goofiness, tomfoolery…(I am trying to bring that word back)…and downright nonsense. There is not a “one way and this is the only way” of how to do it. The spiritual path doesn’t have to be a big snooze fest, instead it can be an opportunity to explore all aspects of ourselves, even the giggly ones. The divine can not only be found in the silence on a meditation cushion, but it can be found in the snorting liquid out of our nose kind of laughter. And do you know why? Because it is all found in the wholeness of the Divine itself, and we are the individualized expression of that One thing that is found in all things. So the invitation is to explore the idea that spirituality can and I’ll go ahead and say it…should…be fun. We are born to express this life in all its many aspects. So go ahead….loosen that collar a bit….relax those shoulders…..and have a little fun.

Rev. Ryan

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