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Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Wholeness is an interesting concept, and one that I thought I had a complete grasp on…that is until this year. I have been around the church block a time or two, and I must admit I can get pretty “confident” in my understanding of certain spiritual concepts. Wholeness was one of those concepts. My previous understanding of wholeness was a need to “fix” or “heal”, or put together something that was broken to make it “whole” again. What I didn’t realize was that this understanding, for me, didn’t even break the surface of the truth that is encompassed in this nine letter word. It is so tempting to look at the experiences of our lives and put them into categories…the good, the bad, the pleasant, the unpleasant, the give me more of, and the I don’t want any more of that if I can help it…and then we just live our life based on the quantity of things we have in any of these categories. But what if we flipped the process on its head and chose to look at each experience as a part of our wholeness? That, in essence, is the cracker jack prize to wholeness….each thing we experience is nudging us further and deeper into a radical understanding of our true nature. We are like containers of play dough after they have been enjoyed….colors mixed up and a little lumpy….and maybe a little fuzzy from whatever we have picked up along the way….but we are beautiful and unique and reflective of the totality of our experience. So instead of striving for some sort of secret formula that for $19.95 will make us “whole” again, we are called to recognize that all of our fabulous parts…those we love and those we would rather not have anyone see….are Wholeness…so we can save our money for something else knowing we already have all we need.

Rev. Ryan

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