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The Space Between - Joy

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I can’t believe I am about to admit this, but the other day I spent like 15 minutes looking for the keys to my car only to realize I was indeed holding them in my hand. That brief little escapade got me thinking, isn’t that a lot like our search for joy? We run around frantically looking under couches and rummaging through the junk drawers of life, only to realize that we are holding the very thing we are looking for. Now I am not talking about “happiness” which I tend to think is a little bit like the cupcake version of joy. Instead I am talking about the endless chocolate fountain at the Golden Corral kind of joy. It is that space that we live life from, instead of a fleeting experience that happens to us. Where does this joy come from you may ask? I believe the source of joy comes from the awareness that we are the very home of the divine. The very energy that sustains and maintains the Universe plops down on the worn out, yet very comfy, chair within us and says “whew…it’s good to be home”. Once we tap into this idea…this truth….then we can take on anything that life brings our way with a sturdy and steadfast joy. Now this doesn’t mean we will always be happy, nor does it mean that there won’t be some pretty hard stuff in life. Instead, joy serves as a harness that keeps us strapped in when things get a little bumpy. It is that space of knowing within us that anchors us to the awareness of who and what we are. To live from this space is the very definition of joy….maybe not one you can find in a dictionary….but who owns a dictionary these days anyway?

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