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Say Yes to the Yes!

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I have perfected the YES!!! Now you may think that rather boastful, but it is the truth. I have, that is up until recently, said yes to just about everything and everyone….even when I wanted to say no. And why in the world would I engage in such a practice? It wasn’t until recently that I asked myself that exact same question. Behind my yes had been the reality that I had, in fact, been “hustling” for my worth. I calculated in my brain if I just said yes to anything and everyone then I could achieve that coveted feeling of worthiness, enough-ness, and maybe even a sprinkle of belonging. But you know what I got instead? A huge dumpster truck full of exhaustion and resentment. It wasn’t until last year that I decided that this was no longer the path I wanted to take….I can be slow to the game sometimes. Now this doesn’t mean I swing to the other end of the camp and say “No” to anything and everything, but instead I am exploring what I call my authentic “Yes”. This is a “Yes” that feeds my soul, this is a “Yes” that oozes authenticity, this is a “Yes” that feeds my passions and creativity. I no longer have an automatic “Yes”, but instead a yes, and sometimes no, that is born out of intention, self care, and congruence with who I am. And wow…what a difference this makes. This “Yes" is high in passion and low in resentment and exhaustion. It has been a game changer and opened the door for joy, passion, creativity and adventure to come in and make themselves at home. So give it a try…it may just change your life.

Rev. Ryan

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