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Live It....Prove It...

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Until recently I had been under the illusion that if I could just fill my head with enough “knowledge” or “spiritual stuff” then by osmosis I could become more “spiritual”…whatever that means. Now don’t get me wrong, knowledge and exploration can create a framework for life, but it’s important to not stop there. It is only when we can get off our proverbial yoga mats or meditation cushions and apply these truths to our lives, that we can experience the totality of these principles. We then come face to face with the power of engaged spirituality, one that is not static but instead gives birth to evolution and transformation. As individualized expressions of the One, the same blueprint of the “activity” of the Universe is impressed upon us. We are not born to gather dust or to hoard knowledge and sit blissfully in a corner. Instead the adventure, dare I sat urge of the Universe, is to give arms and legs to these truths. To live them out in practical ways in our own lives. It is only then that their true power is actualized. When we commit to doing this we will get to live and actively engage in Life. We then get a front row seat to the transformational effects this type of life has to offer. Hmmm…not a bad way to live.

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