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Forgiveness....the ultimate cord buster

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

So this week I have been trudging through one of the ten core concepts of the Science of Mind…and honestly this one is the one I would give someone $100 if I could bypass….the concept of forgiveness. Yep…I said it….forgiveness. It is that dreaded thing that everyone knows they need to do….but no one wants to…kind of like getting your wisdom teeth removed. As I explored what Science of Mind had to say on this topic, it became less a dreaded chore and more a transformative opportunity….I know…sounds too good to be true…just wait for it. According to Science of Mind we live in the Eternal Now. In other words, there is only one thing going on and it is happening right here, right now. Forgiveness is a human condition and serves as a pretty essential process in this whole experience we call life. Events and experiences in our past that are less than desirable, or that have harmed us in some way, can form a cord connecting those experiences with our present day. Believe me I have been tangled in a few cords in my time. So, the work of forgiveness is in essence a journey of untangling and cutting the cords. Simple…not so much. Now this doesn’t negate the fact that those things sucked. Forgiveness becomes less about freeing those individuals and experiences, and more about freeing ourselves. The beauty is revealed when we are ready to release those cords…each in its own time. It is in this that we are brought full force into the limitless possibilities of the present moment. In this moment we find love, joy, peace….and yes, the healing balm of forgiveness. Hmm…maybe I’ll keep my $100 and give forgiveness a chance.

Rev. Ryan

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