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Updated: Apr 28, 2023

So I have stopped and started typing this about a hundred times….typed whole paragraphs and then deleted…procrastinated…paced….and about a million other things to distract me from the challenge this topic of forgiveness brings. But since I am in it to win it….here is my best attempt. I think that we have understood, and when I say we I mean most of us, forgiveness as this prescriptive activity that offers freedom on the other side if done right and often enough. We have been told that it is something we have to “do” if we want to be happy, healthy, spiritual…you fill in the blank. For me however, forgiveness is less a singular action and more a fluid activity. In essence, the very activity of life itself. It is a way of moving about the world, evaluating the stuff we have in our bag…deciding what is serving us and what is not….and then repacking accordingly. Now I know this may sound simplistic, but I think that if we look upon forgiveness in this way we can have a whole lot more grace for ourselves…and maybe for others too. We can begin to see that forgiveness does not have a set formula, but instead is as flowing and evolving as life itself. Our work…I mean adventure, is to become aware of the flow and any rocks that may be blocking our experience. To continually reevaluate, revisit, revise, reclaim and renew. So for me, the topic of forgiveness brings more questions than answers….and maybe that’s the whole point.

Rev. Ryan

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