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A world that works for everyone

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

A world that works for everyone. What would that even look like, and more importantly, how the heck can we manage to do it? These questions, and so many more, have been swirling in my brain for what seems like decades. It seems like an insurmountable task, but the fact that we can even pose the question or have the idea means that it is possible, even if we haven’t worked out the details just yet. The mere fact that it exists as an idea and urge within us means that it is an expression that is yearning to be free and actualized in our experience. Imagine a world where the experience of everyone was held with love and respect. A world where no voice was silenced, where all expression was respected, and love and peace were the norm. Now I have heard folx talk about how this is an inside job. Now while I totally agree that we have to tend our own soil, it does not negate that fact of our responsibility to practice engaged spirituality. This type of spirituality calls us to drag ourselves off our yoga mats and move about the dirt and grime of the human experience. Now this can be scary and uncomfortable at times, but the call, at least how I have heard it, is to take the lessons we have learned in the silence and give them actual hands and feet. To be in our everyday lives that which we want to create in the world. If we want to experience peace, we must be peace. If we want to experience love, we must be love. If we want a world that works for everyone, we must be on the cutting edge of that possibility. We must step beyond the four walls of our spiritual experience and participate in Life. It is only then that the truth of this statement can be actualized.

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